Our precinct is in the basement activity center of the Trinity Orthodox Church. This is how we separate Church and State in the State College West-1 Precinct

Here are the fill out form answers to Election Integrity Survey requested by the Pennsylvania Senate Committee on Election Integrity and Reform:

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I voted at the Bryce Jordan Center during the time that it was open as a satellite Elections Office. I filled out my mail-in ballot application, received it from the window, and voted right there. As an Inspector of Elections in the 31st Precinct (State College W-1), I was uncertain if all of the other Elections Boards were adequately staffed, so I voted ahead of time in case I had to fill in at another…

CC — Tom Arthur http://www.flickr.com/photos/59888866@N00/2966798691

As I was looking at some old Google Docs, I came across this “Blast from the Past” that seems to be even more relevant now.

According to the Brennen Center for Justice:

As of Feb. 19, 2021, legislators in 43 states have carried over, prefiled, or introduced more than 250 bills that would make it harder to vote — over seven times the number of restrictive bills as compared to roughly this time last year. These bills primarily seek to limit mail voting and impose stricter voter ID requirements.

In 2012, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and the GOP dominated Pennsylvania…

Today, the current occupant of the Oval Office, Donald Trump, threatened to issue an Executive Order to protect monuments to Confederates. If we can remember only four years ago, members of the Grand Old Party were apoplectic concerning the number of Executive Orders issued by the then occupant of the Oval Office President Barack Obama. At the time I thought, surely there must be data to back up the claim that President Obama was issuing Executive Orders at a greater rate than that of his predecessors.

As my students tell me, “Wikipedia to the Rescue!” Wikipedia keeps very detailed charts…

Thanks to WikiCommons

CNN, among others, is reporting that Governor Romney won’t get a cabinet post because he refused to publicly apologize to President-elect Trump. This leads me to believe that in contrast to the other cabinet selections who have “walked back” their “fitness for office” comments and been appointed, Governor Romney has held his ground and preserved his integrity. I, personally, have never questioned his integrity. Nor do I question the integrity of former Utah Governor and former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman.

Given that a few dozen Trump electors have already requested an intelligence briefing regarding Russian hacking of the election…

Sorting mail at the New York Port of Embarkation (from:WikiCommons)

Over the weekend, FBI Director Comey sent a letter to various Congressional committee heads stating, “Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July.”

Many media outlets said that the relevant emails were duplicates of emails which already existed in the database of emails for the previous investigation of Mrs. Clinton.

This led Mr. Trump’s adviser, General Flynn to tweet the following:

Now I have no idea if the 650k figure is correct, but I’ll assume it is for the sake of argument. I also have no quibble with his math: there are…

After the Voter ID bill became law, I gave some testimony at the State College Borough Council meeting about how rare in person voter fraud was in Pennsylvania. The response I got from my critics was, “Well you have your facts (mine include actual convictions of in person voter fraud in PA), and I have mine, and we just don’t agree.” That’s for a different post.

After getting this response numerous times, I decided to take a different tack: I’m an election official, how could the system be rigged? …

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