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CNN, among others, is reporting that Governor Romney won’t get a cabinet post because he refused to publicly apologize to President-elect Trump. This leads me to believe that in contrast to the other cabinet selections who have “walked back” their “fitness for office” comments and been appointed, Governor Romney has held his ground and preserved his integrity. I, personally, have never questioned his integrity. Nor do I question the integrity of former Utah Governor and former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman.

Given that a few dozen Trump electors have already requested an intelligence briefing regarding Russian hacking of the election, this suggests a strategy for the Clinton camp. The Clinton camp should meet with Governors Romney and Huntsman in the next few days to develop a way forward for those electors pledged to Secretary Clinton. The deal should go something like this: Secretary Clinton should release all of her electors (and pay their fines if necessary) and ask them to vote for one of the two Governors, let’s say Mr. Romney. The thinking is that the Republican electors will vote for another Republican, but not Secretary Clinton. In return, Mr. Romney would ask that those “unfaithful” Republican Electors, cast their votes for Senator Kaine as the Vice President. After receiving a majority of the Electoral College, the Romney/Kaine ticket would proceed to pick a bi-partisan cabinet as opposed to the “Wrecking Crew” that is currently proposed.

Governor Huntsman’s willingness to serve as President Obama’s Ambassador to China and Governor Romney’s willingness to eschew a cabinet appointment in favor of his integrity indicate that both men are patriots and want to do what’s best for the country, regardless of the political ramifications.

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Jim Leous thinks about Emerging Technologies for Penn State

Jim Leous thinks about Emerging Technologies for Penn State